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Look, this is just here for fun. I'm not taking it too seriously yet, and I implore you not to either. Everyone should contribute and just enjoy themselves while here. If you've got something to contribute, do so without griping or complaining and everything will be fine.
Oh yeah, the 'disclaimer' part: nothing written here is to be considered 'law' anywhere within the Basin community. Again, this is just for fun.

TPJ 23 Nov 2004

Yeah, I see our Wiki being a compendium of Basin knowledge - not general knowledge.

TPJ 18 Sep 2011 [1]

This wiki is not intended to be an encyclopedic resource for any game, but a collection of articles and guides derived from our forums. Sometimes individuals acting on their own initiative have attempted something more comprehensive, but there is no official support for such an undertaking.

Those who aspire to something more comprehensive are strongly recommended to contribute to another wiki which shares that ambition. An encyclopedic resource is likely to require more than 1,000 content pages, for which categories, navigation boxes and templates will need to be created to ensure proper organisation and presentation. This is not something to be undertaken lightly.